Super Simple Scramble

Basically you throw whatever you want in a pan and mix it around = super simple.

I’m always looking for new ways to spice up my eggs in the morning, and this is one of my favorites! I call it, the Super Simple Scramble. Basically, you throw whatever you have in your fridge into a pan, and mix it all together. Then you throw it on a plate. Well don’t throw it because then that’s just more clean up for you later… Lightly toss it onto a nearby surface you’d like to eat off of. That should do the trick. As always, substitute my ingredients for what you have in your fridge and create your own combination! The chives and thyme are definitely optional, but if you have them, they’ll make the flavor a bit more interesting! ¬†Without further ado: THE SUPER SIMPLE SCRAMBLE!

Tip: If you are trying to make an omelette, and you mess it up…. make it into a Super Simple Scramble! Duhh.

SIDE NOTE: Make this vegetarian by leaving out the ham!

Here’s What I Used:


2 Eggs

Red Onion


Grapeseed Oil

(instead of olive oil so everything doesn’t stick to the pan)

Fresh Thyme

Fresh Chives



Garlic Powder

1. Put a drop of grapeseed oil into a pan on medium heat.

2. Chop up the red onions and put them in the pan.

3. Chop up the ham into bite sized pieces and allow them to join the onions.

4. Crack two eggs and add them into the pan.

5. Mix it all around, cooking it most of the way through.

6. If you wanted to add thyme and chives, now is the thyme to do it. (lol)

7. Make sure it’s fully cooked now. Mix it around to make sure there aren’t any clear or jelly-like parts.

8. DONE.

9. Transfer onto a plate, add some pepper, garlic powder and a bit of salt.

YUM YUM YUM. Wasn’t that the easiest thing you’ve ever cooked for yourself? You’re welcome.

“Maaaam, it looks so good can I have it please??!?!

” I can’t believe you didn’t share with me.”